How about giving birth with calm and confidence?

Pregnancy Yoga Resource is a powerful tool!

“Birth is the epicenter of women’s power.” -Ani DiFranco

Through my experiences as a woman, happy mother,doulaand as a certified yoga teacher, I’d like to share with you little tips and simple solutions for ahealthy pregnancy and a relaxed childbirth.Two essential elements to start family life in harmony!

I observed and learned (still learning!) what it takes to have an empowering birth. Even if every woman’s desire can be different, we all have the same goal;a fit pregnancy, a healthy baby and a great childbirth experience.

Don’t be reluctant to practice yoga during pregnancy. You are not sick! It’s quite the opposite: you are full of life!Prenatal yoga, the weaving together of yoga and natural childbirth preparation, opens the door for womento regain our physical, mental and emotional power during the birth process and far beyond.

Find out more on our step by step guide Pregnancy Yoga Resource. Click here to download it.

In this site, you will discover gentle yoga stretches appropriate for pregnancy and new mothers. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogini (yogis are welcomed!), you will find the perfect Hatha Yoga poses for your needs. Also, you will find a yoga picture for every basic yoga position to facilitate your yoga routine.Yoga relieves stress from daily life and improves quality of life. Are you ready to invest a couple of minutes every day for your wellbeing?

Yoga for pregnancy is a gift to yourself!

In addition to an independent and safe yoga practice, my goal with this site is to provide you with objective and alternative information on pregnancy, labor and delivery, so that YOU will make informed decisions. You will be the expert!

Also, I’d like to create a friendly place with your comments (there’s a comment box at the bottom of each page). You are welcome to share any thoughts you might have or ask any questions. I truly believe that women can learn from one another and that sharing and support is vital. Pregnant women, mothers and fathers can certainly help someone in this virtual community!

Pregnancy Yoga Resource is pure empowerment!

This resourcing site is a work in progress…

I still have a little girl at home who receives all of my LOVE and attention. Building a Web site, teaching yoga, supporting families as a doula and homeschooling my daughter is my life! I’m what we call an “infopreneur” and you are welcome to visit as often as you desire! I add information weekly.
Whether it’s before your pregnancy, during or even after your baby is born, I hope you will find a little something that will inspire you!

Enjoy these beautiful journeys that are pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I deeply hope that yoga is going to be on your itinerary! Enjoy Pregnancy Yoga Resource!