Bound Angle Pose

Find out how to master the Bound Angle Pose. This basic yoga posture will increase the flexibility in your hips and will have beneficial effects on your uterus.

It is also a necessary yoga poses that prepares you for the Lotus Pose (Padmasana).

In Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India, this seated pose is known as Baddha Konasana. In my yoga class, I simply call it the Butterfly Stretch.

Enter The Posture

Lay down your yoga mat on a firm and flat surface.
Sit with your legs stretched in front of you.
Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly.
Bend your knees outward, placing the soles of your feet together.
With your hands, grasp your ankles and bring your heels as close as possible to your pelvic floor. Respect your limits!
Interlace your fingers around your toes and keep your spine straight. If you can’t hold your toes, hold your ankles.
Erect your spine, neck and head as if you wanted to touch the sky with the top of your head. Keep your shoulders relaxed, away from your ears.
Breathe slowly and naturally through your nose while you lift and bring your knees towards the ground imitating the flapping of a butterfly. You will automatically smile!!! Never force your knees down.
You can hold the posture for 1-2 minutes. With practice and experience, you will hold the Butterfly Stretch for a longer period. You can watch television or read a book into that yoga pose!

Find out more on our step by step guideĀ Pregnancy Yoga Resource. Click here to download it.



If keeping your spine straight is difficult, you can sit on a folded blanket or a pillow. It will raise your pelvis and it will help you keeping the outer edges of your feet in contact with the ground.
Remember to tilt your pelvis toward the floor. You can also sit, your back against a wall with your hands holding your ankles. To protect your knees or your groins, you can place a folded blanket or a block under your knees as well.
If you want to explore this seated hip opener, you can add a back bending.

Place your palms on the ground behind you.
You can stabilize your legs with a folded blanket or a block.
Inhale deeply.
On an exhalation, you slowly flip your head back.
You breathe deeply through your nose. Yon can close your eyes.
Hold the Bound Angle Pose for 1-10 breaths.
To release, inhale deeply while you bring back your head in the initial position.


Exit The Posture

To release the Butterfly Pose, you can lift your knees with your hands and extend your legs in front of you.


Lengthens the spine.
Stretches the hamstrings, groins and knees.
Softens the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic area.
Prevents sciatica (pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes pain).
Increases hip flexibility.
Relaxes the abdomen and relieves the organs of digestion and elimination.
Stimulates the reproductive, respiratory and nervous systems.
Has a beneficial effect on the uterus (during menstruation or pregnancy). I recommend this yoga posture daily for pregnant women. It can ease childbirth and it’s a comfortable position during labor.


Recent or chronic hip injury.
Recent or chronic knee injury.

Find out more on our step by step guideĀ Pregnancy Yoga Resource. Click here to download it.