Early Pregnancy Symptoms: How To Recognize The First Manifestations

Your early pregnancy symptoms will be demystified with simple tips and healthy habits to adopt. Get essential information for a natural approach on how to treat uncomfortable signs of pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.” -Judy Ford

Am I pregnant?

I think that if you are questioning yourself (and reading this actual page), you may have notice a very early symptom of pregnancy: your intuition!Just having the feeling that you might be pregnant is a great mental or physical awareness. But, a lot of women won’t necessarily experienced early signs of pregnancy.

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In this article, you are going to find common pregnancy symptoms. However, every human being is unique. Symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for every women. Every pregnancy is unique too! And do not forget that early pregnancy symptoms can have a resemblance to your premenstrual symptoms.

You may experience one or two of the following symptoms of pregnancy. Maybe all of them! Maybe in a different way that I describe them. One thing is sure: you feel different!

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

Missing a Menstrual Period

A missed period (amenorrhea) is a classic pregnancy symptoms…if you’re set like a clockwork! If your periods have always been irregular, it can be difficult to tell if you’re late because of the irregularities in your cycle or because you are pregnant.

An elevated basal body temperature (BBT) for more than 15 days after ovulation and a missed period are usually reliable signs that confirm your pregnancy. BBT is your body temperature in the morning before you put one toe on the floor! If you miss your period, you can verify your temperature for a couple of days. If it’s stays high after ovulation, it could be one of early pregnancy symptoms. BBT is also a natural method of contraception…or a natural way to know when is your ovulation day, therefore your fertile days!

You can print this basal body temperature chart in Fahrenheit or in Celsius to help you register it every morning. I recommend that you take your temperature after a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. Whether you take it orally, vaginally or rectally, stay with the same method every morning.

Other explanations for a delayed period can be extreme weight gain or anorexia. Stress or illness can be other reasons as well as ceasing to take the birth control pill. When I stopped taking the oral contraceptive pill, I haven’t had a menstrual period for 6 months!

Even if you are pregnant, you can observed a slight bleeding during your presumed period. Of course, if you are breastfeeding, your menstrual period will be delayed.

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Sensitive Breasts

Under the effect of a higher level of estrogens, your breasts will become hypersensitive. As early as a couple of days after conception, you may notice that your breasts will become swollen or tingly. Some women can experienced the same symptoms during their premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

As your body is getting ready for breastfeeding (already!), you will probably feel heaviness and soreness in your breasts. Your nipples and areolas, the colored skin surrounding your nipple, will tend to enlarge a little and the color may darken.


The best way to diminished this discomfort is to wear a bra with a very good support. Be prepare to buy a couple of brassieres as your pregnancy evolved…if you like wearing one!

Nausea and Vomiting

Another classic early pregnancy symptom is nausea. Feeling sick is very common for most of pregnant women. Even if we call it morning sickness, it can occur at any time during the day and induce vomiting or an excessive secreting of saliva. According to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics), about 50% of women have nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, and an additional 25% have only nausea.

What’s causing it?

Many reasons can be evoke but let’s put the blame of this unpleasant aspect of your pregnancy on HCG hormone. Pregnancy tests check your urine or your blood for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG is easier!).


The first thing that I suggest when I meet a pregnant women who wants to lessen her nausea is to smell a freshly cut lemon or a piece of fresh root ginger. If you prefer, you can make an infusion out of them. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends to stick to the equivalent of 10 g (divided doses) of fresh ginger per day. Peppermint can also be a good idea for a herbal tea. Avoid REGULAR mint leaves during yourfirst pregnancy trimester.

But, the gold medal goes to red raspberry leaves! It’s the best known most widely used infusion during pregnancy. It can ease early pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and much more.

The benefits of drinking raspberry leaf infusion also include:

Preventing miscarriage and hemorrhage.
Reducing pain during labor and delivery.
Allowing the contracting uterus during labor and delivery to work more effectively and facilitates delivering the placenta.
Assisting in production of abundant breast milk.
You can click on the link below to enjoy a great product from Starwest Botanicals with a good value. I recommend red raspberry leaves with all my heart!

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You can also browse any of their products whether it’s bulk tea, herbal capsules or essential oils to treat many discomfort during pregnancy.Speaking of essential oils, you can reduce nausea and vomiting by using lavender, peppermint, or grapefruit essential oil in a diffuser for a little session of aromatherapy!

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I invite you to read the next pregnancy symptoms for more tips to help you with nausea.

Changes in Smell and Taste

This early signs of pregnancy is a extension of morning sickness. Don’t be surprised if certain foods make you feel nauseous or if you have a peculiar metallic taste in your mouth. You also may have a craving for particular food or food aversions. When I was pregnant, I had a craving for prosciutto and I was vegetarian! I listened to my body and since that moment, I include meat once in a while in my diet. Your sense of smell may also be very sensible.


Listen to your food cravings! Your body knows what you need…
If you have nausea, try to avoid having an empty stomach. You can begin your day or any meal with some crackers. It’s going to neutralized your stomach’s acidity.
Adopt a healthy pregnancy diet.
Prefer little snacks or small meals in your day than three large ones.
Other Discomforts

We can add to early pregnancy symptoms some of the following that you can detect later during your pregnancy:

Frequent urination.
Tiredness and exhaustion.
Mood swings.
Dizziness and fainting.
Bloating, cramps and lower back pain.
Dry skin.
Libido changes.
If you have a particular pregnancy question, do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure!

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