How To Reduce Stress?

Learn how to reduce stress of the turmoil of your daily life. Find out simple relaxation techniques that are going to improve your quality of life.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” -Chinese proverb

These overwhelming periods that trigger the fight-or-flight response are as high on the stress level that hunting and surviving was for the caveman!

In the modern world, stress is inevitable. Whether it’s positive or negative stress.

We experience it from the moment we are born and we try to adjust to it.

Coping with stress demand to put your senses under control…if you can control your mind! Don’t believe everything you think! How you feel depends only on how you focus your thoughts. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

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How To Reduce Stress?

 In order to keep your balance and your health optimal, a regular practice of Hatha Yoga might be the answer.

In my yoga class, the vast majority of my groups want to know how to reduce stress. They want to learn more about stress management techniques. Yoga is much more than a physical exercise…

…it’s a mind, body, breath and soul connection!

Here is a list of simple stress relief tips that you will find and learn in my relaxation section:

  • Savasana.
  • Balasana.
  • Viparita Karani.
  • Yoga Quotes, Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations.
  • Yoga Nidra (coming soon!).

Because I’m also a prenatal yoga teacher, I will include a page on how to reduce anxiety during pregnancy. You don’t need to be pregnant to learn numerous ways to lessen your stress level. Speaking of children, I know that adolescence can be an intense period for some family (I have a 23 year old stepson). If you are the parent of a teenager and you would like to have ideas for teens relaxation or other related subjects, you can visit ShambalaKids Teen Resources.

When stress become constant, we’re less healthy, both physically and mentally. Our immune system become fragile and we are expose to health problems that can range from chronic fatigue to heart disease.

We have less time for personal pleasures.

Find out more on our step by step guide Pregnancy Yoga Resource. Click here to download it.