Mandalas Are Therapeutic!

Learn the meaning of mandalas and find out how to use them as great relaxation techniques for kids and adults.

“The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity.” -Tony Robbins

According to Carl Jung, a great psychotherapist and psychiatrist, a mandala symbolizes a refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness.

But what is a mandala you might be wondering?

In Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India, mandala can be translated by the word CIRCLE or ORB. In general, they are made of symmetrical elements that revolve around a center. I like to call them small universes.

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Mandalas Are Small Universes


I began to use the mandala when I started teaching yoga to kids. Whether I’m teaching to kids or adults, I always finish a yoga session with a relaxation exercise.

Because meditation and deep concentration is rarely possible for long periods with little ones, adding colors to a mandala is a great way to CALM DOWN and to RELAX.

This visual exercise captures the attention of the child or the adult. It forces you to FOCUS and will help to DEVELOP YOUR MEMORY.

Be In The Now!

I use mandala with adults as yoga for stress relief. When one of my student struggle with meditation at home, I suggest to color a mandala instead. It can replace a meditation since the health benefits are similar: