Mucus Plug: How To Recognize It

Discover what is a mucus plug. Find out its utility during your pregnancy and how to recognize it.

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.” -E. B. White

I remember when I was pregnant, my doctor asked me if I had lost my plug. I said no, being uncertain. I wanted to ask him some questions about it but my turn was over…and I gave birth before seeing him again!

When we think of a plug we imagine a real cap, one solid piece like a cork closing a bottle. The image might be strong, but its role is similar!

Early pregnancy safety is ensured through the formation of a cervical mucus cap. Just as our nose secretes mucus as a protection from dust and pollution. The interior of the entrance of your cervix is covered with a thick mucus that increases in tightness during pregnancy.

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Its function is to act as a barrier to germs and bacteria from entering the uterus. It’s a natural defense to protect your baby from infections. The body’s real power!

During the last weeks of your pregnancy, secretions from your vagina become more abundant. This is why it often happens that pregnant women do not notice the loss of their little plug. It can look like clear egg white and might be gelatinous.

Sometimes, the plug can be a small amount of mucus with a bit of blood. When your cervix stretches, it breaks small blood vessels. We usually call that the bloody show or a bloody discharge. In that case, the color can also be pinkish or brown or yellow!

Like I usually say, every human being is unique, so it is for every pregnancy!

Mucus Plug

In general, when you loose your mucus sealing plug, it’s a sign that your cervix has moved. Your cervix is now aligned with the birth canal ready for dilation and for effacement.

Slowly but surely, your body is getting ready for childbirth.

The loss of your plug can be an early sign of labor but does not guarantee that labor will begin within a couple of hours. Labor can occur several days or weeks after you had passed your plug. Your cervix gradually opens…

It is interesting to know that it can also regenerate, reconstruct itself to continue protecting your baby and yourself from infections. Did I mention earlier that our body has a real power!

If you loose your plug, you can safely continue your normal activities including sexual intercourses with penetration and baths.

You should call your midwife or your doctor if your discharge is bright red or if you are uncertain and concerned about it.

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